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We manipulate energy. And thats a good thing! Mixing is the procedure of combining multiple audio recordings in a single dynamic stereo mix. For us is a creative & sofisticated procedure in order to satisfy every customer’s needs and concepts and bring the best out of every piece of music. Mixing in sounflakes studios is based on the SSL AWS900+SE analogue console and a wide collection of dynamic processors, EQ’s, FX and Plug-ins. Digital Mixing is also available via ProTools as well as any combination of both. Although the perfect mix may require a large number of treatments and actions, typically the our mixing procedure involves:

Analogue & Digital Mixing

Mixing and summing, level adjusting, grouping and stereo panoramic image treatments.


Dynamic range processing and manipulation by compressing, expanding and limiting.


Automation is essential when it comes to dynamic mixing. Especially when it comes in analog via the SSL’s AWSomation system!


Processing  the frequency aspects of each audio track in a mix to ensure a powerful, wide and spacious mix with a huge sound.


Adding effects and modulations to each track will shape the style, character and felling of the final mix.

File Delivery

After any mix we will deliver the final stereo mix, instrumental stereo mix, and optional grouped stem files for further processing.


Creating and adding moods and character to your mixes is an essential procedure in order to produce unique tracks. We combine our collection of gear and plugins with various techniques to make any track distinctive. Think of your concept and we will make your mix sound modern, vintage, dirty, crystal, clean or anything else that your music needs to get feelings going.

Our team of engineers have experiences in different genders of music and every one of them has an area of expertise. Selecting the right engineer or team of engineers to mix your track will result unique results to the character of your music. We always work as a team combining skills and experience in order to produce un-comprimised world-class sound quality.

Make it Vintage

Make it Crystal Clear

Make it Dirty

Make it Pumping


In order to save time and money and ensure best possible results, please read these guidelines before exporting your tracks and bring them in.


  • We accept WAV or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz; 16 or 24 bit.
  • All files provided must be of the same sample rate and bit depth.
  • Please supply us with mono, split stereo or stereo interleaved files, clearly named.
  • Make sure you allow plenty of headroom when printing your multi-tracks to avoid clipping or distortion. These artifacts cannot be removed in the mix process.


  • We will not accept DAW sessions (i.e Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase etc). Converting from DAW Sessions is charged as a separate service.
  • You should print any midi/virtual instruments – we only accept audio files.
  • There is a 48 multi-track limit. A track cannot share different sounds, for example a backing vocal track with a guitar solo in the middle. If you need to bounce files to save on tracks, we suggest backing vocals and harmonies as a good place to start. Please ensure any bounces of this nature are in tune, in time and panned to your satisfaction before you bounce.
  • We request that multi-track files are supplied dry, without reverb or effects. However, if you feel a specific effect, processing, or creative element (such as filter sweeps, delays etc) is an integral part of the sound, please provide the processed version plus a ‘dry safety’ version. This will not add your overall track count. Please label both versions clearly and mention this in the information you provide.
  • Limited Preview files are delivered in 16bit 44.1 versions


  • You will need to provide multi-tracks that are consolidated or bounced from the start point of your song (bar 1 beat 1 or start time code).
  • For Example if an instrument plays only in the chorus make sure that the file that starts from bar 1 of the song even if it is empty.
  • All files must be of the same duration and same tempo.

It is your responsibility to ensure the multi-tracks provided are ready for mixing. Please do not assume any tuning or timing issues will be automatically resolved. However, if a small amount of vocal tuning is desired you can provide this information. If our engineer suspects the amount of tuning or editing will seriously intrude on mix time you will be informed. Large amounts of tuning and editing will be charged for and will delay turnaround time. It is in your best interest to do any tuning and editing in your time, so that engineers can maximize time spent mixing your song.

  • Please provide your ruff mix for reference purposes.
  • You’re welcome to provide commercially released reference songs. A commercial song is only a guide and results are completely dependent on the quality and style of the multi-track provided. You can add these files int a reference tracks folder.


Nick Papadopoulos

Mixing Skills

Specialises in the following Genders: Rock, Heavy Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metal, Folk, Ethnic.  

Kostas Gavakos

Mixing Skills

Specialises in the following Genders: Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk, Electronic, Alternative  

John Mcris

Mixing Skills

Specialises in the following Genders: Pop, Heavy Rock, Modern Metal & Alternative.  

George Serli

Mixing Skills

Specialises in the following Genders : Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, Pop, Electronic, Alternative, Orchestral anf Film Music